FCI World Champion
Final Race
Nonkai 518  km
1554 pigeon
80 10 1103 "Malin"
4th national pigeon
299th international pigeon   
My other results in same race
8th and 9th national
437th and 448th international

Father: 80 05 545 "Matrix" grandson of "Wittebek" 
6th national Barcelona -01
Emiel Denys

Mother: 3175703 06 "Mimitje" daughter of "Cupido"
Andre Vermote
Weili - Loft
Final Race
Jinzhong 504 km
3741 pigeon
80 10 1067 "Maria"
1st national pigeon
12th European pigeon
209th international pigeon  
My other results in same race
2th and 3th national
312th and 330th international